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By Bill Taylor, 08/30/17, 12:00AM PDT


Hello All,

Tomorrow Thursday 8/31/17 after practice we will kick off our yearly fundraiser. It is absolutely critical that we get max participation for this to be as effective as possible. In all my years of coaching I have never been involved with an easier, simpler and effective fund raiser as Snap Raise. We have used Snap over the past three seasons and had tremendous results .  It is amazingly easy program. The way it works is Snap sets up a site for us, each family inputs the emails of your son's biggest fans (Family, friends, coworkers, etc.) Snap's automated system then goes to work reaching out to notify of our fundraiser and makes donations super fast and easy. It only takes a couple minutes to view the email, donate , get your tax deductible receipt and Pow! you're done! 

The number one most important part of this is to set the machine in motion. I f you do not have allot of email contacts you can also use text phone numbers as well as social media like Facebook. Please do not delay and sign up and start the process. You can always add more friends and family later. 

Please make every effort to be at this meeting so we all have a clear understanding of how the fundraiser works so we can seize this opportunity and capitalize to make this as successful as possible to help our young franchise.

The meeting will be in the stands after practice at 7:30 pm. Each coach will end practice early to accommodate this very important meeting.

Look forward to seeing everyone on Tomorrow. Thank you for your support .

- Coach Bill